Federica Fashion: jewels to be discovered

Magic and valuable objects to collect and live unforgettable moments

Federica Italian Fashion, located in Nairobi, Kenya is a contemporary trends manufacturer of jewellery.

Federica Italian Fashion is the most expressive and original expression of contemporary design and fashion trends: jewels which are capable of matching, in a unique way, the sensitivity and tastes of today’s women, accompanied by dynamic, versatile accessories, suitable for any occasion.

The brand Federica Italian Fashion includes the valuable elegance of shapes and models made in Italy: harmonious proportions, charming and sensuous femininity, refined Italian taste. The jewels by Federica Italian Fashion are synonymous with tradition and quality, revised and restyled from a more modern and perspective. Stylish items, with a strong and assertive character, as is the personality of the woman who chooses them for everyday wear.

Thanks to Federica Italian Fashion, any woman can discover the diva in her waiting to be revealed. Exclusive design, unmistakable aesthetic imprint of Italian style, creativity and originality are the elements which best incarnate the essence of Federica Italian Fashion jewellery production.

Each product is manufactured with the greatest care for details and distinctive features: from production cycle phases, to a skillful and balanced use of the processing techniques chosen, to the composition materials selected for the jewel, covering all stages in the distribution process.

Each of the jewels included in Federica Italian Fashion collections is a fragment of the contemporary world, combining the charm of Italian jewellery art with the modern-day passion for colours, shapes and materials with a trendy and cutting-edge flavour: gold, silver, glass, fabrics, pens and stones are only some of the many variations available in the Federica Italian Fashion catalogue, at prices which are always totally affordable and reasonable.