The Best Jewellery Trends from Summer 2015

The Best Jewellery Trends from Summer 2015

The fashion world is constantly evolving and making way for new and improved designers with fresh ideas which encompass people's emotions and feelings. Bold state-mental pieces sit alongside intricate designs and blend harmoniously together in a market which is constantly finding space for new concepts.

However what is setting the year 2015 apart from the rest?

The last few years have shown some real character throughout the jewellery market, with many young European and American designers breaking through like butterflies erupting from their cocoons. Mismatched innovations and romantic pendants have been at the forefront of the industry while chokers and new metals lay an incredible foundation for these new pursuits. Federica Italian Fashion is not the kind of brand that says no to a challenge and with so many incredible ideas emerging on the jewellery market this year, it has been imperative to conjure a few numbers which are a cut above the rest.

The essence of silver

With so many predecessors, any new silver jewellery item must boast something really unique in order for it to stand out and make an impact on the world of fashion. Luckily, Federica Italian Fashion are no ameteurs when it comes to imagination and have conjured an assault of exciting new products intended to take 2015 by storm. Resplendence and detailing are synonymous with many of the pieces from our brand, however the real magic lurks beneath the surface.

Our innovation has been built and nurtured over years of expertise and our collaborations are to be noted with enthusiasm. We have created a variety of products which are aimed at the heart of the women's fashion industry and will capture the imagination of any lady with a keen eye for style. The fashion industry this year is quite keen to promote blue gemstones, an embellishment which looks especially beautiful when added to the right piece of silverwear. These colours compliment each other with an undeniable finesse and can either be used as a main feature or as a subtle addition to a range of clothing choices.

Yellow gold has made a remarkable comeback

There is plenty of evidence to suggest that yellow gold is here to stay, at least for the duration of 2015.

Over the last couple of years, the price of this commodity has declined by a whopping 33%, making it far more accessible for ladies who weren't exactly raised on a gold mine, so to speak. This has caused jewellery collections of high street stores, independent retailers and individual ladies to boast a higher quantity of this sunny coloured metal.

Not only has it become easier to obtain throughout the last year or two, but its acquired aura looks fabulous when placed with the correct attire. Many garments which are influenced by the 1970s era are the perfect accompaniment to this beautiful metal and this was showcased quite eloquently during the 2014 Oscars and Golden Globe awards.

The jeweller's rainbow

Coloured diamonds have always been relatively popular as they can be fused with an assortment of metals and look magnificent. This year, reds, purples and pinks are looking especially trendy and can be seen making appearances on a roster of different famous faces. Whether treated or natural, many advertising campaigns are creating huge intrigue by using these coloured elements against a backdrop of plain clothing, generating plenty of well deserved attention. Trusted diamond specialists like DeBeers are expected to do well this year, however Federica Italian Fashion have an assortment of surprises which are likely to excite the market too.