Which Gemstones Will Be Favourites This Summer?

Which Gemstones Will Be Favourites This Summer?

Gemstones have always been valued for their beauty, and ancient artefacts have shown that they have been used for jewellery and decoration since prehistoric times. The Romans in particular were famously fond of gems, both for their decorative value and their supposed special powers, and collected the finest examples from all corners of their empire to grace the jewellery of both men and women of high rank and status.

Two millenia later and it is still Italy that the world looks to for the best in elegant jewellery design, and Federica Italian Fashion are proud to be a part of this historic tradition with their contemporary takes on classic designs using gems to their fullest advantage.

Many different types of gemstones have been used as jewellery over the centuries, from precious stones such as diamonds, ruby and sapphire, through to semi precious and purely decorative stones. Diamonds of course have long been a symbol of wealth and a gift of love, but a gemstone doesn't have to cost a fortune to be worthy of a leading role in a precious and favourite piece of jewellery - it is the expression of the elegance and individuality of the wearer that counts, and nowhere is this more important than in the colour of the stones used.

Traditionally, the colours of different stones stood for the various aspects of nature and the reflection of these qualities in the personality of the woman wearing the jewellery piece. For example, green stones such as emerald symbolise nature, springtime, rebirth and vitality, perfect for today's confident, vivacious woman with an assertive personality.

Blue is for the colour of the unchanging water and the sky, and so represents long life, youth and fidelity - indeed, sapphire is a traditional engagement gift in many cultures because of its symbolising of trust and dependability. Red, however, is the colour of fire and stands for all that is hot and passionate, full of life and energy, and red gems display a zest for life and dynamism.

The "Made In Italy" range from Federica continues this rich history and symbolism of stones in jewellery but brings it up to date with assertive designs that reflect character and personality with a totally modern style, and nothing embodies this mix of the ancient and the contemporary like pearls.

In ancient Persian mythology, pearls were the glowing tears of the gods, while Chinese legend has them as offspring of the moon. Of course, we know today that pearls are the only gemstones to be formed by living creatures, and it is their birthplace in the sea and the difficulty of harvesting them, as well as their undoubted beauty, that has lead them to be so highly valued.

They are still an essential part of a modern woman's jewellery collection, covering all possibilities and occasions - they come in a wide range colours from traditional classic white representing purity and elegance, through exuberant green or gold, to exotic black pearls that can be both ultra-modern and sophisticatedly traditional depending on how they're paired with the wearer's wardrobe.

So which gemstones will be at the top of the modern independent woman's list of favourites this summer? We say that after the green stones of spring have symbolised the rebirth and regrowth of the year, it's time for some of the energy and passion that reds, oranges and golds bring, along with the timeless calm, beauty and refinement of pearl.

Whether it's fiery orange earrings, elegant pearl bracelets, or classic necklaces with a contemporary twist for the new season, Federica Italian Fashion has the range to reflect your personality and individuality this summer.