Summer Jewellery, will Gems be Popular this Summer?

Summer Jewellery, will Gems be Popular this Summer?

A good outfit is nothing without the right accessories, but which jewellery styles will be a hot topic this summer?

Will we see plain golds and silvers taking the top spot, or will 2015 be the year of the gemstone?

Monochrome fashions are still a top trend on the Parisian catwalks, and there's a new player in town, too-nudes. According to Vogue, nude is 'summer's chicest shade', and designer brands such as Ghost are focusing on this 'barely there' look this season.

So what does this mean for jewellery trends?

With monochrome and nude looks being so popular, we're seeing a massive trend for bright, colourful, statement jewellery that contrasts with these plain, understated fashion choices. Colourful jewels and gemstones such as emeralds, sapphires, and rubies are beginning to outshine pearls and diamonds and really come into their own. Gemstones are expected to be one of the hottest accessories this summer.

The Rising Popularity of Coloured Gems

Although changing fashion trends have had a big impact on the rising popularity of colored gemstones, fashion isn't the only reason we can expect to see more and more gemstone jewellery hitting the shelves this summer.

With the arrival of Royal Baby Number 2, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, focus has once again been drawn to Princess Diana's engagement ring, now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. The 12 carat Ceylon sapphire has solidified the sapphire's place as one of the most popular gemstones for jewellery.

What Gems Will Shine This Summer?

If you're looking for jewellery ideas for the summer, you may be wondering which gems will be the most popular, and right on trend. Here are just some of the stones you can expect to see more of this season:

Bringing Traditional Styles Back into Fashion

While women around the world have been dazzled by diamonds for many years, the popularity of the diamond is a relatively modern trend.

Believe it or not, until the 1940s, colourful gemstones were equally as popular as diamonds, accounting for 50 percent of the jewellery market. While diamonds continued to thrive, coloured gemstones fell out of favour, but in recent years sales have grown by roughly 18 percent annually, showing that traditional styles are making a major comeback in the fashion industry.

If you want to be right on trend this summer, grab yourself some colourful gemstone jewellery that really has the 'wow' factor: discover Federica Fashion's Catalogue and choose the summer jewel you prefear.

From emeralds and sapphires to deep red rubies, we're expecting gemstones to really take off this year.

Whether it's necklaces, or bangles or earrings, gemstones are sure to be a hot topic this season.